Violet Terrarium Tutorial


I mentioned my awesome yard sale finds the other day when I told you about my freshened up bright red spraypainted basket. The inspiration for this guy was a 10 cent fishbowl/vase. Creating this terrarium was super quick once I had all my materials assembled. (And smashed. More on that a little later.)

You will need:

  • Semi-enclosed glass terrarium container-fishbowl type container works
  • gravel
  • potting soil
  • small violet
  • moss


Place about 2 inches of gravel in the bottom of your container, then add several inches of potting soil. Plant the violet and surround with moss. Tamp down the moss gently. Water the terrarium thoroughly, but not so much that there is more than a little bit of water in the gravel layer. Do not over water, and avoid pouring water on the violet’s leaves if possible. The terrarium will do well on a windowsill that gets morning sunlight. If placed in a spot where there is not enough light, I’ve found that violets tend to stop blooming pretty quickly.

Where to get the moss, you ask? I happened across mine in the yard. I was digging up some grass to plant blueberry bushes when I noticed that moss covered the ground at the base of the grass, so I carefully pulled it up, removed yard debris (like dried grass), and used it in the terrarium.


Confession: I didn’t feel like buying a big ass bag of gravel, but I had some larger landscaping type rocks around. So I smashed them with a hammer. Which was the worst idea ever, because it really sucked. Perhaps this is intuitive to most-buy the gravel, don’t make your own.

Stay tuned for my succulant terrarium tutorial, soon to come! Here’s a sneak peak.



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