Fresh figs with goat cheese and prosciutto


Fresh figs are in season! You can find them from late summer into the fall. Until yesterday, I had actually never had  a fresh fig, only dried ones. I actually picked these up at our local (annoyingly under construction and in disarray) Giant, but I’m looking for a local source. I’m actually thinking about planting a fig tree in my embarrassingly stark front yard-they have such nice foliage and some varieties stay compact enough for our small space. Plus, you get the bonus of actually getting to eat real live figs you grew yourself. That sounds pretty kickass.

Anyway, on to the appetizer du jour. I sliced a medium sized fig in quarters and topped with a hunk of creamy goat cheese and a little bit of prosciutto (cured Italian ham). It was tasty, but I think next time I’ll add a drizzle of honey on top to really bring out the sweetness of the fig in contrast to the salty prosciutto.



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