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Typeset Drawer Shadow Box


Lil’ sis and I were at the biannual Gettysburg antiques flea market on the square a couple of weeks ago, and I picked up two of these vintage typeset drawers. They were only $5 apiece, and I could envision them as future wall art in my living room. Then, I saw this papered shadowbox on Pinterest and I got to thinking…this could be like a scrapbook for teeny keepsakes, YES! I wasn’t in a painting-stuff mood, so I pulled a bunch of my scrapbooking stuff I haven’t touched in a while out of the craft closet and went to town. Note: Wes contends that just because the closet is currently full of craft stuff, doesn’t make it the craft closet. He does have a guitar in there. And there is a set of gigantic carved wooden tiki style utencils. (Don’t ask.) But I digress.

Here’s the the drawers looked like before. I’ve only gotten to the one on top so far. The most fun part of making the shadow box was “curating” all the miniature collections, including selecting some shells I brought back from Australia when I studied abroad in 2007.


I used rubber cement to affix trimmed paper of all sorts to the back of each section. I used scrapbook paper, bits of greeting cards, and even a liquor bottle label. I’ll show you how I organize this stuff another time. I did leave some sections unlined. It adds a little texture to have some plain wood, and I can always add something to those later. I decided to go with rubber cement in case I ever decide to return the drawer to it’s natural wood state or to paint it.  Any items I needed to attach to the papered inside for display purposes, I used hot glue. You can look for your own typeset drawer at flea markets, antique stores or online.

Some of the  more memorable spots I filled with wine corks from the stash I’ve been saving-(I may need a pintervention due to my obsession with wine cork craft ideas. I’ve considering devoting an entire pin board to the cause.)

I lined one rectangle with white cardstock with a wax letter seal on it. Wes and I got the sealing wax and stamp when we honeymooned in Williamsburg, VA.

Miniature collections of shells, rocks, and scraps of patterned greeting cards made up some of the other spaces.

I think my favorite one-if I have to pick (from the 38!) was the neat row of pennies, from shiny to not

so shiny.

I also picked up some of the jumbo headline sized typeset letters. I want to do a gallery wall and put these guys up above some of our wedding pics.

There are some mega-cute repurposed typeset drawers on Etsy, like this jewelry organizer. Smart! I do still have one more drawer…

(Jewelry organizer by Etsy shop Aurea.)



Flower arranging tutorial


I just came across a bangin’ flower arranging tutorial for all different types of vases on goop-check it out here. The photo below shows all the different vases Nikki covers.

I’m especially digging the small arrangements in the jam jars, though all of these look totally doable at home!



All photos from

I heart spray paint


I like yard sales. There. I said it. I don’t care if the stuff isn’t new, so long as it’s awesome and costs like 25 cents. I found a rummage sale last Friday that was a real winner. For a grand total of $3.70, I purchased the following:

3 baskets, a set of 3 small mataching flower pots, a (only partially used) roll of striped wrapping paper, 2 large glass vases and 1 small glass vase, a big old stack of pretty notecards, and January’s issue of Food & Wine magazine.

I’ve got big terrarium plans for the largest glass vase (check out my garden pinboard here) and I definately knew I wanted the brighten up the baskets. At whopping 25 cents a piece, there wasn’t much to lose.

I raided the paint shelf in the basement and found a can of high gloss bright red spray paint. Win! Ready to turn this plain jane basket into a looker.

One note: always spray paint stuff outside, even if your rather handy father tells you it’s ok to spray paint your ridiculously heavy radiator inside, because you will inevitably get spray paint residue on your hardwood floors and will perform frantic “how to get spray paint off of hardwood floors” Google searches until you discover that acetone does indeed work, so you take a big sigh of relief because your husband isn’t going to kill you. Not that this has ever happened to me.

I applied 3 light coats of spray paint over all surfaces of the basket, letting the paint dry completely between each application. Then, I let the basket cure in the sun so it wouldn’t stick to anything. BAM! It’s like a brand new basket. As evidenced in the photo below, puppies are rather suspicious of the newly painted basket.

Wouldn’t this be the best thing to make up a little gift basket for a friend (or for mom) in? A bottle of wine and some chocolates (I highly recommend the chocolate filled figs). Or maybe a bath theme with some homemade bath fizzies and salt or sugar scrubs?



Hello world!


I’m starting this blog as a way to share the things that inspire me daily. I’m going on a crafting, cooking, decorating, DIYing kind of adventure, and I’m taking this blog with me. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Check out these tulips and lilacs from my garden! Why don’t you cut some flowers from the yard or pick some up at the farmers’ market and make yourself a spring bouquet?